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Choices time

I'me close to the end of my contract and I'm now in a bit of a quandary. Over the summer, we had the new Gigabit Ultra Fibre Optic cables laid in our street by Fibrenation and the service will be offered by Talk Talk. A quick check on their site shows the cost of FTTP with a minimum speed of 900 Mbit is £31.50 for the discount period going up to £36 after that. That compares with the £41.50 I currently pay for 100Mb and that's due to hike up to  £62.50. I have a Tivo box I never watch simply because it was a way to get a lower connection price, I getter better results from a BT Youview box I bought online, more storage space and I get see all the BBC iPlayer content.

I wonder how likely the retention team are to offer me the same speed and price I can get from Talk Talk? Don't want or need a TV package, just fast broadband and a phone line.

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