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WiFi Pod issues following router upgrade

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I’ve been using a WiFi pod with my hub 3 for a while and it’s always worked well. After renewing my contract, earlier this week I received a Hub 5 which works as expected, however the switch has caused the pod to stop working.

It shows the slow flashing white light, it doesn’t connect to the new router, and if I try to add it via the Connect app, it says that according to your system I don’t have any pods to install.

I’ve spent hours on hold, have spoken to multiple people in broadband support. It’s been days but still no resolution. This is causing me issues as I keep getting disconnected from zoom meetings due to weak signal upstairs.

Any team members here able to help me get this solved?

Thank you


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Update: a replacement pod is being arranged

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I'm having the same issue. Did you have to ring up for a replacement? 

Yes, I had to call multiple times first to get them to raise a ticket with the networking team, who was meant to get in touch with me. They obviously never did, so I had to call again to get this actioned.

Hi alela, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the pod, can you confirm if the pod has now arrived?


Hi Chris, it was meant to arrive today but there were issues apparently and they weren’t able to deliver as scheduled. Hopefully tomorrow…

Hello alela.

Just a quick message to see if the pod has now been delivered?

Can you please pop back and ley us know if you need any more help.



Hi Gareth,

Thank you for checking in. The pod arrived and it connected to the router straight away. I sent the old one back.

I’m getting better speeds now although it could be better (occasionally dropping out of Zoom calls).

Not sure whether this is because the house is over 3 floors and I have the router on the ground floor and just the one pod on the 1st floor, and I work from the 2nd floor (with walls and closed doors in between). Would an additional pod help increase the signal strength/stability?

Thank you for the update @alela Glad to see you have since received the pod. 

You can use our Connect app to test the pod and assess the best placement. The app will also let you know if a second pod is required.


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Ok thank you