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Super Hub 2ac Modem Mode Internet Dropouts

I wonder if someone might be able to advise what I'm best to do.

Every now and then my internet drops. It did so twice today, and once a couple of days ago.

Prior to this I'd had no issues for a couple of weeks, but then prior to that I was getting dropouts every couple of days.

I use my Virgin Media Hub (Super Hub VMDG490) in modem only mode. All other parts on my network are working a-ok (I use a separate Mikrotik router and mesh setup in bridge mode connected to said router)

When the network drops, I need to turn off the Virgin Hub, leave it off for a short while and then turn it back on again, on so doing everything works again...until it doesn't!

I've attached copies from my Network Status.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Network Log.PNGDownstream.PNGUpstream.PNGUpstream Burst.PNG

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Super Hub 2ac Modem Mode Internet Dropouts

Setup a BQM try not to reboot the hub.

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