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How to Delete/Remove app password

Joining in

If I go to I can log in using my Password and see all my emails.

However I use Thunderbird for all my Virgin / Ntlworld emails. I have two NTL emails that have the same error messages when I try to get their emails from the server. The first one says Authentication failed and when I click ok I get the second one. It has three options Retry, Enter New Password and Cancel. If I choose New Password and enter the password I used to to log in to and I tick the box to use the Password Manager to remember the password the Login Fails and the same box returns.

If I go via and then Sign In to one of the problem emails, click on Account Settings then Account Details and scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a box for Virgin Media Mail.

Clicking on Manage takes me to Mailbox App password management. At the bottom of the page is a button to generate a new app password. Clicking on this will generate a new app password. Copying and pasting it as the new Password and I can then get my emails for the two problem email addresses.

Now I need to know how to remove or delete it so I can again use the same password I use to get to my emails on the server.


Email Error.jpgEmail Error2.jpg


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Robflh, 

We apologise again to those individuals who have been experiencing issues with their email services since Monday. Our teams are continuing to work on restoring all users’ access as a priority and we will do this as soon as possible. 

We do have a Forum thread dedicated to this issue here if you want to keep an eye out for updates 👉 Email Issue.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Robflh wrote:

Now I need to know how to remove or delete it so I can again use the same password I use to get to my emails on the server

Once an account's App Password is generated it cannot be removed.

FYI: use the:

  • Account Password when signing into webmail
    NB if “Adding email account” is select to add a Virgin Media email account then use the App Password if set otherwise use the Account Password
  • App Password with other email clients, i.e. Thunderbird or similar client

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