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“Please update your credentials for the account.......”..... “It looks like we don't have permission to get email for......@ntlworldcom” I get this email everyday from Microsoft Outlook and it’s driving me mad! I can’t access the account it’s referring to I can’t remember the password it’s YEARS since I used it!!! Help It’s driving me insane 😡😡😡

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Re: Help

@Mollykins wrote:

Help It’s driving me insane

Your sanity can be restored quickly and easily. 😉

What you are seeing is not an email from Outlook, it is an error message warning you it cannot download emails from that account.

If you do not need to access those emails you can simply remove that ntlworld account from Outlook and stop Outlook attempting to access it which in turn will stop that error popping up all the time. Here's how: 

However, that will not delete the email account itself.

If you want to regain access to the account you can try using the forgotten password link from here: 

Enter your full ntlworld address as the username and follow the instructions.

If you are no longer a Virgin Media customer the Forum Team (VM employees) can arrange to have the address deleted for you if you wish.

Feeling calmer yet? 😊



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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