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Email blocking again?

Once again, I am not receiving any emails from my own website and my own domain.  When this happened last year I took note of the information given here about checking of dmarc, dkim and spf records.  I was not able to create one of these myself and did not fully understand the correct formats and so I asked my domain host to create them for me, which they did as TXT records in the DNS settings.  I then began to receive emails from my website again and so all was well up until fairly recently.  It is not possible to tell exactly when this stopped working but I noticed this week that I did not receive an important email notification of a scheduled backup and so sent test emails from my site over the last few days, none of which I have received.

My website is not a commercial site but a personal website and Wordpress blog.  It also serves as a special interest resource with many daily hits and a regular readership.  The emails that I fail to receive include enquiries from the site's contact form, important notifications of backups/upgrades and newsletter confirmations.  The site confirms that these and my test emails have been "sent successfully". 

The site is GDPR compliant and newsletters are sent only to subscribers who have confirmed acceptance of privacy conditions.  I must assume that subscribers who use Virgin as their ISP fail to receive the newsletters and I must also wonder what important emails from other parties I have failed to receive.

I have had the same domain name and website and also used UK2NET as a trusted host since before Telewest (and subsequently Virgin) took over my ISP and have experienced no such email problems until this began last year.

Any ideas?        

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