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Text Messaging

Dialled in

so there i was posting on the forum about problems with my O2 account and on the side of the page it suggested texting a mobile number to start a chat. so i sent a text and the answer i got back was "we dont currently use this service"

it suggested using web chat but i dont think that will work either. from past experience that is a chat bot that tells you to use whats app.

where has all the customer service gone?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @petersladdie 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forms, its great to have you here. 

I am so sorry to hear that you have faced issues with contacting the teams, can I ask what this is in regards to and I will do all I can to advise. 

thank you Ashleigh, the problem i had was the password i was sent for my O2 account wasnt working and i was locked out when trying to set up my new account after migration from Virgin Mobile. I have got all that sorted by logging in with my phone number instead of my email address and it has now been set up for me to use. the issue is with the text message service that was advertised on this blog but is not in use. I also dont use any (un)social media so being told to use whats app means that I either give up or get on the phone instead. all companies these days seem to hide away their customer service behind a tech wall so if that is what we have to put up with then I prefer to text. sometimes it is impossible to get past the bot when you use live chat. it gets really frustrating when the bot directs you to some information that is not applicable or to a process that you have tried upmteen times before and is the reason you are trying to get in touch. it would be great if you could remove the notice about text messaging if your not going to use it.

Thank you @petersladdie and I am so sorry again for the confusion. Our text line is no longer in place but you can contract us via phone on 150/03454541111, WhatsApp on 07305327112, Facebook, Twitter or Forums.

Can you link me to where the site recommends the text line so we can correct this?

Dialled in

Thank you very much @petersladdie and I am so sorry for the confusion.

I have fed this back to the relevant team so we can have it updated.