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Sam knows

Tuning in

Sam knows speed resrmt has stopped working on my virgin router and it's in router mode😡😡😡



The Samknows Realspeed test should work for a VM Hub (3/4/5) in Router mode.

Known blockers are all VPNs and VM routing issues that make the public IP not look like a VM customer ( e.g. have a BT or Telefonica IP )

Use the link below, you should see :

IPv4 - present
IPv6 - not present
ISP - Virgin Media Limited
Location - should be in the correct area

If the results are OK - try Realspeed again perhaps tomorrow.

Samknows realspeed works for us somedays, others not !!. Seems very unreliable, either a 'not available on this device' or 'router is busy', next day its working again !?

Which model of Hub(3/4/5) is it that is unreliable at performing Realspeed test ?