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Help please re Fibre changeover

On our wavelength

Hi people 

Quite stressed about this fibre changeover. The communications from Virgin have been far from helpful. My broadband hub i nowhere near my phone and apparently the current wire has to be plugged into the adapter which has to conct to the hub. How the hell id this going to reach? And it has to got through 2 rooms to reach the hub. I don't want wires everywhere. What do I do please - will they provide a technician to do the job for me? Thank you.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi martinbaker,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We can certainly understand your concerns regarding the home phone switch over.

There are two options for you, we can either book an engineer free of charge to install additional cabling in your property and leave the hub where it remains already, or we can relocate your hub to the room where your landline currently resides.

We will do whatever is easiest for you.

Please let us know which option you would like and we can get this arranged for you.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Up to speed

It is possible that this could be done, keeping the hub in its current location without necessarily running wires through the house.

What we need to do is somehow, plug a cable between the hub and the phone, keeping both in the same location. Well, your phone is connected to a wall socket, and from there a phone wire runs out to the Omnibox on your outside wall. At the same time, a larger coax cable runs from this box to the hub to provide internet connectivity. So imagine that the tech, runs a length of phone wire from the hub, uses the same hole in the wall (if possible) to push it outside and then follow the existing route of the coax down to the Omnibox. Disconnect the phone feed from the outside and spice the two cables together?

Effectively then you do have a single connection from the existing phone, via it’s wall socket to the hub, admittedly by a roundabout route, but this will work.

The problem will be whether whoever turns up is prepared to do this or be aware that this is a viable solution. At most they may have to enlarge the existing hole on the wall to run a phone wire through it and then re-seal it, but that has to be easier than drilling all new holes to move the hub, or run phone wire internally.