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Secondary email address issue

Tuning in

Hi, the blueyonder email address my wife has been using has stopped working. We still have an active broadband account and the main mailbox still works fine. Password as far as we know has not changed but we cannot log into webmail and outlook has stopped syncing.

The reset your password doesn't work, it just says "Please ensure you provide the email address you use to sign in to My Virgin Media" and so we can't get anywhere trying to resolve this ourselves.


Tuning in

OK I have sorted it myself. We had forgetten that "or never new" the account name was different to the email alias. Once I found the account name in my main account "manage other accounts" the old password worked and was then able to reset it and generate a password to use in Outlook. All working again now although we have no idea why it stopped working in the first place.

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and welcome back!

I'm pleased to hear that you've been able to find a solution to this issue.

Do feel free to keep us updated with any further issues you may experience with our services moving forward.

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