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How to save emails to pc

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Maybe it's just me, but I can't see a way of saving emails onto my windows PC, It'll be highly convenient to save emails for holidays, etc to an easily accessible folder



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From a desktop or laptop computer, select an email in the Inbox and tap ≡ > Save as file, then follow your operating system’s instructions to save the file. [Source: How to manage my email account | Virgin Media Help]

Other email clients will provide similar facility to save.

Alternatively consider printing email to PDF.

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that a problem I have too, keep a copy of email, with original look and feel, of the original, with attachment, files, pictures, as what was originally emailed to my, I would also like it to be more of a automated thing, just does it by it self, and keep it, in more future proof, not relying programs, file standards, could change, or software becomes unavailable at some point, and housed locally or as just files in fold folders or something that can just moved copied to and from anywhere, (was thing like PDF, but that still not much good for handling any file attachments and picture/images are just going to end up be copies of copies, detail going to be lost? and I would end up doing everyone by hand?

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Maybe consider a backup solution like MailStore - The Standard in Email Archiving that allows content to be searched and viewed. Alternatively use an IMAP client, like Thunderbird to read your emails and create locally held copies that your current backup schedule pickup and preserve.

FYI propriety file formats and the longevity of the backup medium onto which data is held are more likely to stop future access to data rather than established file format standards.