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Call ended by overseas call centre before issue was resolved

Tuning in

L have a couple of questions for the forum members but first a little background detail as to why I have a them:

I am registered with Virgin to act on behalf of my elderly Mother.

This afternoon Mom told me she had received a letter from Virgin with reference a price increase.  I checked the letter and it was the "Just keeping you in the loop" letter stating that her £29 contract was ending and going up to £61.

No problem with the £29 until Mom said "they've been charging me £38".  On checking her bank statements that is indeed the case so I asked her for the monthly Virgin bills and they are all around the £38 mark with a few variances where she has called a chargable number.

From memory and scribbled notes that were were because I wrote the account details down on them when I set Virgin up for her originally the price was £29, slightly more than her supplier at the time but the benifits of the 360 box and better broadband outweighed the slight increase. Unfortunately we can't locate the original contract letter (it has been filed away somewhere safe) so Virgin can say what they want.

So at 17.35 this evening I called 150 and to my surprise I was connected straight away to the overseas call centre and after explaining that I was calling to discuss the pending 100% plus price increase I asked that firstly if she could explain the difference in price from the £29 "in the loop" letter and the £38 that had actually been charged.


After being on hold for a while the lady came back and said something along the lines of it was correct and that the letter must have been a typing error and that there was no need for recalculation or refunds. I was surprised at the typing error comment since surely these "in the loop" letters would be computer generated using the data held on computer against each account. 

However,  if this is the case and it could be explained/proven to me clearly then there would not be a problem so I asked to be transferred to retentions because I have usually spoken to a UK employee if put through to that department and I thought they could check and explain clearly what had happened.

After being put on hold for transfer to retentions at about 17.55, I waited and indeed the lady came back on the line and apologised saying she was still trying to connect me, when at 18.00 the on hold music stopped and I got a recorded message saying that the office was now closed followed by the call being ended.

I find this most rude on Virgimedia's part.  These people are representing the company no matter where in the world they choose to have them based and I think that they should have either seen my call through to the correct conclusion or at least had the decency to tell me what was happening and maybe arrange a call back to me at some point tomorrow but to just end the call is totally unacceptable.

So that's the background  and my questions to the forum members are these:

Is calling 150 my only route to retentions or a UK based employee that can help explain what has happened?


If someone does know a UK contact number is there a way you could pass it on to me?  I doubt if it would be allowed to be posted directly on here.

Many thanks for any help or thoughts you might have.







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Alessandro Volta

i think UK retentions still exists but there is no way to get directlt to them afaik - at one time telling the offshore agent you wanted to give 30 days notice got you transferred back to the UK retentions - once you wree there you simply started again with what you actually wanted to discuss - its worth a try but who knows - staff here will tell you that all agents regardless of where in the wortd they are are all trained to the same hogh standard which is complete rubbish but they have to say that - i [further] guess they know its not true but when has truth worried VM

as to putting you on hold - cutting you off or out right lies then thats the level of service VM has sunk to - start with that expectation and you will not be dissapointed - they will constantly hit that low mark


Sacked VIP