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Numerous issues since porting from o2

Tuning in

I ported to Virgin Mobile from o2 a couple of months ago and I've had numerous issues. I can see that some or all of these are reported by other users but it's getting too much to live with, now.

I am on an iPhone.

1. Quite often when someone calls me who is in my phone book, it can't match the number to the phone book so just shows the number. This can be resolved by switching my phone to another location and then switching it back to UK, perhaps with a reboot inbetween. This resolves it until it happens again, of course.

2. Quite often / always when someone calls me and I'm on the phone, they're told that my phone is not available rather than the fact that I'm busy and they can leave a message.

3. As with 2, sometimes people get 'phone is not available' regardless and if I try to call out, either I get a message to say the number I called is invalid, or the call is simply terminated. This seems to be resolved with a reboot.

I never had any of these issues with o2.

Any help appreciated as I'm getting fed up with this.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi val00000,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your recently ported number, just to clarify on a few things is this happening frequently i.e. every day?

Also has this been occurring since the port?




Not showing contact namesfor people who call be happened immediately and I've had to reset my region a couple of times.

People calling me and getting a message to say my phone is not available has probably happend from the start, intermittently.

Having to reboot my phone because I can neither make or receive any phone calls has happend 2-3 times but maybe not from day one. It's difficult to really know as I don't always know if people are having difficulty calling me until they tell me.

Today, I simply had to reboot my phone.



Hey @val00000,

Thanks for this, has rebooting it since helped the issue and stopped this from occurring since? Have you also tried the SIM in a different handset to see if the same issue occurs here?

Thanks. Joe


I don't think it's my phone as it's been problematic since porting and I can see that, at least, my first issue is commonly reported.

I can, now, not receive any calls so will have to make a support call.

I can try the SIM in another handset but I'm not optimistic.



Thank you @val00000 


If you can try the SIM in another handset that would be great, it may not change anything but its just part of our diagnostic steps and means we can rule out the handset.


Please do let us know.



Callers started getting 'this phone is switched off' when it wasn't and i was not on the phone. I could receive WhatsApp messages, so had a signal.

I put the sim in another phone and it worked for calls. I put the sim back in the original phone and it worked.

I do not know what the issue is but it's not my phone, it's intermittent, and it's happened since porting.

I know that, at least, some of my issues are well reported...Not showing Contact name for incoming calls.

Hi val00000,

Thank you for reaching back out to us in our community, sorry to hear you are still facing some issues since our switch to O2, in regards to seeing your contacts have you restored them from the cloud/ back up?