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Not Happy in the least!

On our wavelength

Off went the internet... no connection three day's, back it came and three hours later OFF it went again  for another two day's, In went an Hub five, this takes ages to load a page, loads OK going to it 2nd time around - turn off reboot and endure another long wait.... the old one didn't do that.

It's as if there's an internal firewall....! it's the same whether Wi Fi or Ethernet connected  Get it FIXED now or I am out, for the price 'I' pay I can get telephone anytime AND internet for half-the price and it will be sooner than you think.

Another thing, you are put on hold having to suffer over-loud music that drops in and out at varying volumes for 40 minutes or more on top of which you endure very poorly spoken English.  All done to put people OFF..!

The service is utterly diabolical.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi pentode, 


Thank you for your post. 


Really sorry to hear you feel this way and for the experience you've had here. I have taken a look at things from out side and I can see there are some thing standing out - with that, I will send you a private message so I can take a look further. 




On our wavelength

Thank you for your reply, everybody IS sorry..... but nothing ever gets done about improving matters, it is a Company failure what is the problem.  I have replied  to your PM.