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Ultimate Volt Bundle- Cancel Just O2 Side

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Good morning everyone I hope you’re well,

A few days ago, I upgraded to the ultimate volt bundle, as the UK team gave me a pretty good deal to renew my contact.

As I now have 2 separate contracts and accounts (one with Virgin for Broadband, TV, Landline), and one with O2 for Mobile, I was wondering if anything would happen to my virgin media contract if I cancelled my O2 Contract within 14 days?

I.e - would i be charged anything extra by virgin media? Would I lose any discounts, etc?


I am not 100% sure I’ll be cancelling O2 but the main reason would be my main mobile number is on another mobile network, as I get 50% off.



Kind regards,


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Thanks Gareth - that's useful.

If I purchase the Mega Volt bundle, and then cancel the O2, my broadband speeds may drop down a level and I would lose WiFi guarantee/WiFi pods.

If I then purchased a basic O2 Pay Monthly sim then these would be reinstated?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @athers116

For the Mega Volt bundle, you would have to have the initial O2 sim as is what the contract entails and the discount codes these would differ also.


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It's a weird setup. I never received the O2 sim, and didn't worry since I couldn't use it anyway (I don't have a spare phone to put the sim in and I have a contract on my current phone) but it does mean I have no idea how to get in touch with O2 anyway, since I don't know my O2 phone number and don't have an online account with them. I suspect it's going to get messy when I'm out of contract on my Volt bundle and want to get a new package with Virgin!

Okay that's confused me again! Where is that in the Terms and Conditions?

Are you saying that if I cancel the O2 sim within the first 14 days that I would be charged more by Virgin as well as losing the 'Volt benefits' of double speed and WiFi pods?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for getting back to us,

Regarding the package, the Volt bundle is inclusive of both Virgin Media and O2, meaning any discounts given are because of the selected package, if you were to remove any package then the discounts given would not be eligible meaning the price could differ as the package would be changed.