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Getting a better Wireless Network Signal

Seeing so many posts about Good, Bad & ugly Wifi, I thought I would post some suggestions for people out there.   There are definitely good, midrange & poor routers with quite variable performance wifi.  Never expect a mass market product to be the b...

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UNDERSTANDING KEY ASPECTS OF WiFi WiFi is a somewhat notorious, though essential commodity. In many cases, when its behaviour does not meet the user’s perception of the claims made by the ISP (e.g. Virgin Media), the blame is quickly heaped on the IS...

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Sephiroth by Alessandro Volta
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3rd day running no internet

3rd day running no internet. The strange thing is that my firestick is working however my pc,TV and mobile isn't.Status checker is now showing no issues.Out is now beginning a regular issue now.

Sarah45 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Hub 3 solid red light

Why do you people make it so difficult to contact you. I have a solid red light on my hub 3, I need a replacement sending out. please help!

Garethb1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Move box

I want to change my lounge around, but need my incoming connectors moved.I called virgin and they said an engineer would come, but I have no bookings or appts on the app. How can I get a response? It took me 45 mins to get through before!Thanks


Since upgrading to 1gig my connection keeps going off cant play a online game longer than an hour with out freezing up and then every think catches up or i just disconnect still waiting for an engineer to sort the coax outside my house   

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Internet crashing

Every night at the same time 7pm my internet crashes even if it’s just myself at home with nothing on no tv computer game consoles ect ect. It’s at the point now where is a joke this has been going on for a few months. I do all the speed tests ect an...

WiFi lost since upgrade

I recently upgraded from 350 to 500mbps WiFi. As soon as that happened my second ethernet connection (from the back of my virgin router to another one in the garden office) stopped working altogether. Not only is the router in the garden office not w...

kanu79 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Hub 3 clicking and losing connection

Hub 3 keeps clicking and I’m constantly losing connection. I have to switch off Hub and wait and it still doesn’t connect first time. I usually have to repeat the process several times before getting a connection 

Cannot cancel engineer

Hello. I cannot cancel the engineer on the virgin media app. It says that you can no longer cancel the engineer appointment online anymore. How can I cancel if my appointment is tomorrow between 8 and 6. Please cancel this ASAP as I was told this can...

Nasim123 by Joining in
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00:00 Dropouts

Can anyone explain why my internet connection drops out around 00:00 every single day? I've searched the forums and there are posts going back 2 years complaining about the same issue. How has this never been resolved?Please don't respond if your ans...