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CS2002 error on virgin box

VM box keeps giving a "CS2002" error and cant change channels or play any recordings, box just stops responding.Have checked all the connections and rebooted the box and works fine for 20-30mins then gives the same Bristol BS16 area.

Seek bar at end of recording

Hi,I have a V6 box running V360 firmware. When I play a recording, it will play from the beginning, but the seek bar will be at the end of the recording. This means I get the "Do you want to delete this recording" popup at the beginning of playback. ...

davewillo by On our wavelength
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Dark Picture and Virgin guide but fine after watching 4k!?

Hello...Had a new 360 box 6 weeks ago as old one kept signing out of all my apps! New box sorted this. This is my issue with the new box All channels and steaming services are dark and dull. You can tell straight away that it is dark. The virgin medi...

DarrenJL by Tuning in
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Resolved! GB News Pixelation

Hi, anyone else having picture issues on GB News (channel 604)?  I've been getting regular pixelation issues for the last couple of weeks.  All other channels are fine, just GB News affected.  I've done the usual TV360 box reboot etc. but made no dif...

Pairing a Virgin 360 remote

I have just had a Virgin 360 mini box fitted. Unable to pair the remote with the tv. TV is a EM tronics. I have been into the Virgin setting menu to try and pair. TV is not listed. There is no other option to just add my tv. Be interested in replies....

Roball by Joining in
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Recording errors after update to 360

I have updated my V6 box with 360, it worked fine for 24 hours then all recordings fail, no apps are able to play anything and although I can pause live TV when unpaused it jumps straight to live TV. I have already done the obvious usual stuff like c...

kb1 by Joining in
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Apple TV+

Registered for Apple TV today, trying to watch a program through the App on the 360 box. The picture judders, in that it appears to stop momentarily then jumps to where it should be. This happens in a split second but it's enough to be annoying, espe...

b1lly by On our wavelength
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Error code CS3300

I'm having to reboot my 360 box on a daily basis - there's a number of error codes. The latest of which was CS3300 which implies a connection issue. It's not always the same code, but the result always requires the box to be rebooted.Is this a genera...