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Pixelation on E4

Hi.  I would like to report pixelation on my 360 box - I’ve primarily noticed it when watching E4 and one or two other channels. If an engineer is required, unfortunately, I’m only available on Fridays. 

'Channel failed' message - CS2000

We have recently started getting a 'Channel failed' error message (code CS2000) on our screen whenever we try and use live pause or live rewind.I re-booted the box and it's still doing it.Can anyone help?Tony. 

milco by Tuning in
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CS2000 error code I can no longer either record or, pause programsI get “cannot view due a technical error” when set for a recording or, CS2000 when trying to pausethe box has been unplugged nd reset etc  

Tv channel add-on

I’ve had an issue with Virgin, my package was due to expire around about today so knowing this I called on January 3rd & sorted everything out then (or so I thought).I didn’t need anything changed, I was happy with my package. I was asked if there wa...

NickTipps by On our wavelength
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360 box, all recordings suddenly deleted

Hi, I woke up a few days ago to see my Virgin 360 box(V6 box with 360 software update) had suddenly lost all recordings and all scheduled recordings.I've checked all my settings to make sure there wasn't any auto deleting happening and have tried a f...

rw004d1934 by On our wavelength
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Dolby Atmos in Movies and Box sets

Do Virgin have any plans to incorporate Dolby Atmos sound into any of its UHD Movies and Box sets?I just think it's a real shame that we don't get support for Dolby Atmos on these services yet. I find myself switching to Disney +, Netflix and Prime v...

dazstoke78 by On our wavelength
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