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Sky Sports Cricket Pixelating

For months & months ch 504 pixelates, whether weather conditions are sunny or thundery etc. When it is also streamed on 501/510 at same time those channels do not pixelate. Yes I have rebooted, yes cables are in securely - this is not a catch all ans...

dspace9 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Technical Issues - VM no help

I've been having lots of problems with my 360 box. Pixelated recordings and recordings stopping recording so means i miss the programme. I've also been having lots of problems with my hub 4. Range is the big one even with 3 pods, but also it keeps go...

bd by On our wavelength
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Black Screen for a split second

Keep getting a black screen for less than a second on every channel I watch!I have a 4K Samsung tv and has worked with 360 VM for years, just recently since I’ve been upgraded I keep getting a split second (less than a second) black screen! Can someo...

Michaeljf by On our wavelength
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Resolved! CS1011

My 360 box arrived today, self installed, followed all the instructions, yet getting the error code CS1011.. Re booted, restarted several times, called the helpline and after 1 hour waiting, they say systems are down and to call back tomorrow!!! 

AS17 by Joining in
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Resolved! Red exclamation in circle for all recordings

Hi, I’ve tried searching for an answer and can’t find one. All our recordings planned & new are not recording as planned, each one has a red circle with an exclamation point inside next to the failed recordings.when I click on the recording, it only ...

No internet connection

Hi. No internet connection since Monday. Been away for few days. Home now and rebooted v6 box and hub 3 multiple times to no avail.  I have no tv, Internet or WiFi.  Just no connection between the boxes. Everything was working fine until Monday.Cant ...

Gibbo47 by Joining in
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Recordings failing to play - error cs2200

Hi SO I upgraded a couple of weeks ago to 360 and have had nothing but problems and wish I could revert back!Firstly, after a week of recording programmes the box just decided to delete all of them. I just had an empty recordings screen.  Since then,...

adhouse by Joining in
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Resolved! Waken up 360 Tv box

Yesterday had Virgin reinstalled, from SKY. with the new 360 TV box.. Woke up this morning the box had gone into SLEEP mode, I presume??? tried pressing various buttons to WAKE THE BOX Up Eventually after about 30 secs it came on.. My question is.. A...

V6 box update to 360

Hi. Ive been told how to update my v6 box to 360. My V6 box does NOT come up with the update option in the apps & games section. I have turned box off  at the mains for 30mins and switched back on. Still no option. Yes it is connected to the internet...

SamN89 by Joining in
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