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Contract Renewal - Virgin TV360 M63 error on both V6 boxes

Hello, I was wondering if someone could please help me? I've renewed our VM contract in the past 14 days due to contract running out and as part of it they offered 360TV as a free upgrade. In the last 2 days both V6 boxes now show an M63 error (which...

HelpPlz by Joining in
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Cannot sign into Disney App

Hi I also cannot sign into Disney over WiFi, says no connection try again or error 83. Over mobile it's fine   [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Try to use tv go app as remote but virgin tv greyed out

Hiwe cannot find our remote for the 360 box, trying to set it up but the tv go app can’t seem to find our box or I don’t know how it works. Is it possible to do before setting up the box without a remote? I’m not sure we received a remote with the bo...

Searlesy by Joining in
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TV360 needs to be rebooted 2 or 3 times.

Hi all. I have two TV360 boxes. The one upstairs works fine, the one downstairs needs to be rebooted two or three times to produce a picture. This has only started recently. All lights are normal, all cables have been swapped out to check and they're...

Tenebreaux by On our wavelength
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Film recording

I start watching a film on my 360 box and decide to record the remainder of the film. I do this by pressing the red record button on the remote. Later when going to watch the film I find it had not recorded to the end which I only find out when watch...

psm13 by Joining in
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Order new remote

It seems even though there's posts about this going back a couple of years that it's impossible to order a new remote online. I'm trying to order a 360 remote but the "order now" button pictured below doesn't have a link attached to it. So it's just ...

NRP5000 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Sheild icon??

Any idea what the sheild icon is? (Next to Vigil planned recording in photo).Thanks 

PGGLancs by Dialled in
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