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Resolved! Remote issues

Good Morning,Whenever I press the “context” button for info on the programme I’m watching, nothing happens. Also I cannot get the box out of standby using the remote, I have to go to the 360 box and hold the power button for a few seconds.Any tips/tr...

alemapVM by On our wavelength
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2nd Box Connections

Hello,Planning an extension and now on to the AV part of it, which I want to include a second VM box. I am also putting in a wired network.Does the second VM 360 box need a network connection to the VM router, as the first one needs? If yes, does tha...

duff4 by Joining in
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Resolved! 360 box really slow

Hi guys any help would be much appreciated. My 360 box over recent weeks has become really slow, it used to be so speedy. Apps take an age to load and the tv guide menus are sluggish and at times unresponsive.I've done a factory reset and replaced ba...

Virgin 360 tv won't turn on

Right, the problem I'm having with the virgin tv box is; I can use it one day and the next It refuses to be turned on by the remonte, so I reboot it from the box itself and it works again, but this is a nearly every day where it refuses to come on an...

Thinking of moving to Virgin Media

Hi all,  hope someone can help as I'm getting mixed answers when I google. I'm currently a Sky customer and have been for 20+ years.  However, with price increases I'm now looking at alternatives. I'm paying £125 a month and it is going up soon. My c...

CdRsKuLL by Joining in
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Virgin Media Box Stuck On Welcome Screen

Hi everyone. 5 days ago we had a fault in the area. The TV was stuck on the welcome screen, and would then lose signal. Rinse repeat constantly. It was apparently resolved the day after however we still couldn't get TV. The service status was updated...

Resolved! Undo delete 360

Can deleted programmes be recovered on the 360 box? I can’t find how to & I deleted something by accident 

Add multi room

HiHow do I go about getting an additional TV box for my home. I currently have a TV360 box as part of my subscription but can’t see how to add an additional box for another room. I have a socket in the other room already - but not 100% sure it is act...

macgeof by Joining in
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Issues after upgrading to 360

Since upgrading our box to the new 360 we have had ongoing issues with the TV going black for roughly one second. This happens numerous times and is a lot worse when the tv is switched on in a morning. I’ve contacted Virgin and gone through all the t...

360 pairing to wrong tv

Hi thereim trying (using TV AND 0 ) to pair my 360 remote to my UMC TV 32188G 32 inches the process completes but says you can now control your Grundig tv but the volume control doesn’t work  I’ve reset the controller (tv and rewind) but need to manu...

tk007b by On our wavelength
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