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V6 TV box fan noise

My 5 year old V6 tv box has just started making an irritating fan noise probably just due to wear and tear. How do I go about replacing this ?ThanksParrish 

Pazza76 by On our wavelength
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UHD audio help

Hi,  wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. Not a VM issue.Sound on HD is fine but with UHD the sound is just making popping noise.Is there a workaround - other than using TV for sound or buying a new amp.

Oxo29 by Dialled in
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Resolved! 360 Tuner identifier

Have two 360 boxes installed. When I switch either of them on they may be identified as, Tuner 1 (name of box) and next time I switch the same box on identified as Tuner 4 (name of box). Why is this? 

Re: Buffering

I have constant problems with buffering too, it's really annoying especially as the package is not cheap.  Have you had a successful response to cure the problem as yet?

Setting up TV 360 box before contract start date?

Can I set up my TV 360 box before the contract start date. I was currently on broadband and phone only. However, on the 30th of May I will be including a TV package. However, today my TV 360 box was delivered. So I was wondering can I set it up/ inst...

Series link - match not showing

I know Arsenal are playing Chelsea tonight and it should be available on Sky Ultimate or indeed the HD channel BUT I can't see it in upcoming recordings. I've therefore gone to the planner and sky ultimate doesn't show anything on. Under premier leag...

Oxo29 by Dialled in
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Resolved! TV360 remote control fault

The down button (below the Ok) sometimes sending a signal to the box so it  flies down the TV guide.  I have to press the up button to stop it.   Anyone else getting this?

1701-e by Superfast
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White circle on left of TV screen

Since the 360 box was installed there has been a faint white circle on the left hand side of the TV screen. It's the same on every channel at all times of the day. Any ideas welcome. Thanks

Charleys by Tuning in
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