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Audio jitter through Virgin TV 360

Hi,My Mum’s 360 box is often having problems with audio jitter with Tv programs. The same live TV channel through her aerial has no sound issues.The problem can happen with both live TV and streamed content.It happens at different times of the day.An...

MF14 by Tuning in
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This one is a weird one, I work as a field technician so I thought I'd know the answer, however I'm watching the foott tonight and I'm getting jittery pictures and slight freezing on only this channel TNT Ultimate, happend on the very first game of t...

Zaayir by Joining in
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Resolved! Tv360 box won't record or play recorded content

When i try to record anything at all I just get an error message saying 'unable to do that try later'. If I try to play any recorded content I get an error CS2214 unable to play then the tv360 box reboots itself.  The box is connected by ethernet to ...

Resolved! TV 360

Frustrated by TV 360, any advice gratefully received- voice control a gain but-Volume set too low-don't know how to increase.Have to set subtitles every time I watch a programme.Cannot watch in fast-forward with subtitles.Movies no longer have star r...

not recording itv

it won't record itv or itv+1 , emmerdale, catch up doesn't work, neither does the itvx app via virgin, works fine via chromecast though. other channels tape fine, some other itv programs taped, last weekend, nothing seems to have moved time slot. hav...

Resolved! V6 to TV 360 - how?

To cut a (very) long story short, I have recently renewed my contract and was told I could have second - TV360 - box and upgrade my existing V6 to TV 360 remotely, but I'd lose all my recordings. I said I wasn't sure and I was told not to worry about...

gswarbrick by On our wavelength
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Volume doesnt work

Issue happens maybe once a week (maybe 2), no set pattern to it, can be just changing the volume and it won't budge up or down, Ive changed the batteries (tried some Ive had charge) and it still doesnt work, only thing Ive done that helps is turn the...

DCFC79 by Dialled in
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