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Re: 360 Box Upgrade Email

They must have been overwhelmed with the response from their FREE offer for the 360 box.If they get back to me saying that I have to pay any fee/charge,then they can forget it as it was them that contacted me with the offer not vice versa.After all F...

Resolved! Delete programme problem

Hi, not sure if VM have problems again or it's just me. I have a main 360 box for recording but watch them on the non recordable box upstairs. I can watch & set recordings on this box fine but at the end of the programme when the banner on the right ...

kjb6372 by On our wavelength
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360 Box Upgrade Email

Received the mail shot on Wednesday saying that our current box the TiVo is an old piece of tv kit and therefore recommended upgrading to the 360 box.We did this using the link on the email but still have not received the confirmation email from Virg...

Not working

Just had the tv360 set up deleivered and none of the channels are working. Set up via Wi-Fi and told that we didn’t need a coaxial cable. Where else do we go I get it working ? 

Allan96 by Joining in
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Can we please have multi-channel series links back?

The BBC Glastonbury coverage this weekend is spread across four channels (BBC One to Four). On the old Tivo boxes, we could easily set a series link to record any programme in that series across any channel. On TV360, series links are tied to a chann...

davorg by Up to speed
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360 TV remote

I was trying to tune audio last night and unpaired the remote by accident. Unable to pair it again. Have tried TV & 0 & also factory resetting it by pressing Tv & <<it’s a V6 box but a 360 remote but it was working fine til I messed it up last night....

Second 360 TV mini box

Do I need a second virgin media socket to connect the second 360 TV mini box? I wast told that …..

Gilly19 by Joining in
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I've just upgraded to 360. On my old system I was able to search channels by time with a pop up screen using my remote but can't find a similar function on the new remote. Does it exist?

GQ74 by Joining in
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Duplicate recordings

I am constantly having to delete programs that have already been recorded because they aired them again at a different time. The V6 didn’t re-record duplicates so why can’t the 360 be programmed the same. My system is set up to record only new progra...

stsommers by On our wavelength
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