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Ignored appointments and compensation promises

For the past few months I have been struggling with badly pixelating channels on the 360 box. As time has gone by it’s gradually gotten worse and worse to the point where 90% of the channels are unwatchable. I had an engineer around a few weeks ago, ...

ScottB89 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Turning 360 box and TV on and off

I have a new 360 box. It is paired with my TV.  However, it seems that I have to turn both trhe TV and the box on and off separately each time. Is this correct? If I just turn the TV off and leave the box on, the TV will restart and come on automatic...

dmart7 by Joining in
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Virgin Media handset 360 unable to control volume on LG TV

Hi there, I've just updated to Virgin Media 360 box with new handset. Unfortunately I cannot use the volume control volume on LG TV Model No: 32LM630BPLA. I have to resort to LG remote. I've gone through all the available codes in settings but none w...

Lizzie4 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Netflix sound out of sync with new 360 upgrade

Since upgrading to 360 netflix sound is terrible and way out of sync, it did this before but I could fix this by changing the audio setting from 5.1 to original, but this does not work with the new upgrade.

Need a replacement TV360 remote control

I have been down several online rabbit holes.Phoned up, couldn't get to a human being to speak to, was texted a link which was useless.Any chance  one of the admins can help with ordering a replacement TV360 remote control please? 

Cunny71 by On our wavelength
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No TV channels now for well over a week  what is going on  and when is this getting fixed and what kind of reimbursement are we getting for losing a service for so long all we see is this The customer service with this provider is shocking and they ...

VM360 Channel 4 App - 4200-DRM-FAILED

When trying to play any progromme on the Channel 4 App I'm getting the dreaded "Well this is embarrasing" message accompanied by 4200-DRM-FAILED. Any ideas please folks?I have unplugged it at the mains and left it for a couple of minutes but still th...

360 remote batteries

I have a 360 box and remote. I have changed the batteries and used duracell AAA. The remote seems to burn through them in about 2-3 weeks. Is there a certain battery that I should use instead or do you think there may be a problem with the actual rem...

Setting up TV Channels 100:70 on Sky Sports on Second Box

I have recently started a new deal/contract which meant me keeping the same package. Since today - probably the day the "new package went live", I get "Setting Up TV Channels 100:70" when trying to watch the premium Sky Sports Channels (501-508), all...