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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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Resolved! [AREA 04] WS3 Completely Screwed Up

Hi,Not sure what is going on with the Gig1 server (which nothing has been touched, been running in modem modem for months) today service went down and now it's come back and half the channels are either missing or not locked, every time I run a speed...

MUFFINTAST1C_0-1674132238037.png MUFFINTAST1C_1-1674132271316.png MUFFINTAST1C_2-1674132303480.png MUFFINTAST1C_3-1674132340104.png

Resolved! Internet speed slow

Our Internet is slow, this has been an issue for sometime, other providers are giving customers a much better range, how can I arrange for you to double our speed?

Speed now too low

I have checked our speed now and it is constantly around 12 mbps when it is supposed to be about 250 mbps, is there an issue with the system?Many thanks


Can someone from the team tell me best and accurate Speedtest 

Horrible latency and packet loss issues on Gig1/Hub4

Hello, I am experiencing latency and packet loss on my Gig1 connection with the Hub 4. This results in it being unusable for latency sensitive applications such as gaming.I have checked the router status and it seems there is noise on the upload chan...

Slow internet speed with TPLINK

Hi all to reading this and hope you are doing well,i got virgin medias gigabit package with tv channels and whatnot after leaving sky, however my computer doesn't have good wifi connection or sometimes doesn't even find the network in my house so ive...

amona121 by Joining in
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Huge drop in upload speeds

Hi, I've seen a massive drop off in my upload speed in the last few days. Normally I hit around 50-55 but I getting anything from 0.5-6 now. For what I use my broadband for I need at least 20-25 When I check on the Virgin Media help page for my postc...

Resolved! Slow download speeds in the evening

I have been getting consistently slow download speeds in the evening.I should be getting 130mbps - which I can do at certain times of the day, but more often than not, speed is 10-20mbps.Upload speed appears unaffected - a consistent 20mbps.This has ...

Jarndyce by Dialled in
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