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Resolved! Broadband speed varies through house

Query: can you run a second cable from box outside house directly into an upstairs room in order to improve broadband speeds, without the need for 2nd router or subscription?  We have great broadband speed downstairs & have an Eero mesh system instal...

Speed Limited using Game Launchers (ie. Steam)

Just switched to Virgin (264mbps Hub 3) after being with Sky and being told they can't offer more than their highest broadband package (70-80mbps). Primarily the computers in the house are used for gaming and as such use Steam.I decided I would downl...

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Ghostyy by Tuning in
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Damage to virgin media external brown box

My roadside cable box has had the cover removed/stolen and as a result have exposed wires. Concerned that the wires could get damaged, how do I get a replacement box?My other issue is my street has a lot of kids on it they're pretty god but play foot...

500Mbps giving slow speed between 50-100 Mbps

Hello, Have the Hub 4; working on desktop with no VPN around 4-5 meters from Hub. Receiving terrible speeds, been testing all morning and have only managed to get above 100Mbps once. Any support on how to increase the speeds to the 500Mbps?Thanks!

eze1510 by Tuning in
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Connect App Saying Low Speed Is “Great”

Hi, I’ve recently got the VM Connect app and ran a test in each room. Living Room (where router is located) has a speed of around 500mbps upload. Other rooms all have a speed of around 200mbps, except one room which has around 10mbps. I’m confused th...

Yachuno by Tuning in
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Resolved! M500 upload speed is averaging around 1-2Mbps when it should be 36Mbps

Hi All,I've been enjoying my M500 fibre broadband service for a few months now, and it's been all good, until recently.I live in the Merley/Wimborne area of Dorset.I was consistently receiving the advertised speeds of about 500Mbps download, and 36Mb...

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namecaps by On our wavelength
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Fluctuating Wi-Fi Speed

I have great wi-fi in my lounge where the router is and the speed stays the same pretty much all the time at around 120mbps. However around the rest of the house the download speeds fluctuate even though the router speed is constant. In my office it ...

Artemis1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Packet loss - any suggestions?

Hi there,I'm experiencing major packet loss that is making my broadband useless for work.Chart below of monitor shows it is constant, individual tests show that loss is around 10-20% I can also pinpoint the time it started on 8th April when I was awa...

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my dynamic public IP address changed?

while I understand dynamic vs static:  my VM public IP hasn't changed in YEARSbut today I'm appearing as a new number anyone else notice a change, or know why the sudden change?   

moof by Fibre optic
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