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Resolved! Late packets, internet quality, gaming

Could someone please tell me why I have so may delayed packets on my otherwise fine internet connection? It basically results in really bad lags in gaming, see graph with ping spikes. Is there a way to fix this from my side or do I need to raise this...

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yobama by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Broadband upgrade speed

Hello, approximately 48 hrs ago I was offered a free upgrade to Volt 1g Mbs. Since then I have carried out a few speed tests and surprisingly my speed has reduced.I have turned my router (hub5) off 4 times now since the upgrade. I am getting 350 mbps...

kildrum by On our wavelength
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Upgraded from M150 to M500. Slow speed

Hello I did the regular checks the hub says max traffic 575000085Can a engineer please please check my power levels are all ok  Speedtest shows 290mb 50mb 

1Gig Upload Speed dropped to between 10-15mbps

Hi, I have had the 1Gig service for just over 6 months. I had reliable got the upload speed of approx 52mbps and I then got the upgrade to 100mbps which worked fine for a while.Then a few weeks ago I had to upload a large file for work and noticed th...

My download speed doesn't reach the speed of my package

I have received and installed my quick start package of 264mbps download speed and 20-30mbps upload speed. With speed tests, my upload speed is working fine at around 27mbps but my download speed is very low hitting around 40-50mbps. I use ethernet(T...

frenzy by Joining in
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Resolved! Upgrade from 350 to 1gbs

Hi currently on the 350 broadband just been offered a good offer to get the 1gbs which i'm considering for anyone whose upgraded from the 350 to 1gbs is it an automatic upgrade or does an engineer need to come and do whatever ? i understand i would n...

Slower downloads than expected.

Hi. Had my hub about a week and despite it being noticeably faster than my old connection it's not as fast as I expected. All connected devices seem to top out at around the 200Mbps mark despite having the full gig line. Any ideas? 

slow speed

My package is M350 and I am only getting 40mbps download speed, the upload seems fine at 35mbps please adviseregardsPaul

Paul1956 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Packet loss, postcode issue?

Last week I had around 1 day of constant 5-15% packet loss, it then fixed itself.  However it's back and not going away.   My virgin status said I had no issues on my hub but after clicking "still having issues" I was told there was issues in my post...



Last couple of weeks had some bad experience with Virgin Media I received 3 different deals  through my email with my name on top and each time I tried to apply for those deals refused by Virgin finally they gave me the deal I was happy with and afte...

Babak1 by Joining in
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