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Slow speeds on Gig1

Hello,My speeds used to be fine since Virgin come out about a year ago to run a new cable, although I noticed the last week or so I am getting less than 300mbps. Can someone check my figures to see if something is out?3.0 Downstream channelsChannel F...

TerryUK by Joining in
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Slow router speed, upload ok

I'm on a Gig1 subscription but only getting around 40 Mbps download speeds. Confirmed via Samknows and Virgin checker says it's a "intermittent" issue. Anything I can do or do I have to try and get a technician? Edit: This is after resetting the rout...

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lvm2k by Joining in
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Resolved! WiFi pod

Moved to virgin broadband about six weeks ago after being with bt, in our third bedroom the WiFi is nowhere near 30gbps, I've done three tests on the connect app. There is no option to order a pod on the app so I called virgin,on Tuesday got through ...

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Supposed to be on 1GB

So I updated to the 1GB service and got an email stating it should be up and running on Sunday 5th May. It's now 2 weeks later and every time I do a speed test (no matter what time of day) it always hovers around the 250 mark.When am I going to get m...

Upgraded BB to M250 but no increase from the Hub

Ok, went with the offer to get M250 from M125 for £3.00 per month extra, done a few tests today on my Hub 3, via ethernet from the Hub i am getting 57Mbps, and wired from my Deco,  which is wired to the Hub its 55Mbps, wireless speed is around 53Mbps...

witto737 by Joining in
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Ordering WiFi pod

Hi, could someone from the forum team please get in touch as I need to order another WiFi pod as I'm get between 15-20gbps in my kitchen.John_gs from the team sorted it last year as it was impossible to order one from the app.Thank you.

Speed is fluctuating

I have two issue. 1 my broadband speed is very fluctuating between 5mbps and 75mbps. It has more than 300mbps. 2 my VM Connect does not find Hub3, which was working properly before. I have done all required resolving steps like restart Router, remove...