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Is p2p throttled on gig1 in anyway?

I installed the Hub 5 yesterday.Speedtest app shows the connection consistently maxing out at 1130-1160MbpsBut p2p won't download at anything over 55-60MBps, p2p used to max out the connection no matter what time of day it was. I'd thought that virgi...

Resolved! Virgin Media and VOIP

I am in area CO2 (Essex) and am interested in going to VOIP can anybody tell me what arrangements VM are carrying out to set this up or do I go to a independent VOIP provider.As my VM contract expire in March 2024 I would be very interested from VM o...

davrob by Up to speed
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poor upload speeds

I have been noticing this issue for a while and have tried using whatsapp but got no where except being told all is fine. I seem to be getting very inconsistent speed on my connection especially on my upload. I have the hub 3 setup in modem mode and ...

Low download speed

I'm on the 1Gb package and upload is generally good but download rarely breaks 300Mb and is typically 100-250MbHere's the stats3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID1 306000000 4.7 41 QAM 256 222 138...

XGS-PON Packages

Virgin have nearly finished rolling out their XGS-PON FTTP product in my area, I was speaking to one of their guys that confirmed what they were rolling out and he said it is capable of 10Gbps symmetric.I know you won't be able to get 10Gbps from the...

MrJG08 by On our wavelength
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Upgraded to 1gig but speed slower!

Hello all! I took advantage of an offer and upgraded from 500mb to 1gig a week ago. VM sent me a new Hub 5 (even though I already had one!) and I kept the 3 Wi-Fi pods I already had in same spaces. Since upgraded the speed in my little office has gon...

1GBps Fibre dropped to 1Mbps

 So my internet dropped from 1GBps to 1Mbps literally out of nowhere, called virgin and they said they can see I'm not getting the speed I'm paying for but said they can't send someone to come fix it for over 2 weeks? Has this happend similar to anyo...

Broadband upgraded but still same speed.

I upgraded my broadband package from M350 to M500 on the 26th Jan and still getting the same speed.  I have restarted the hub and also reset the hub which made no difference.

Sub1314 by Joining in
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Resolved! Internet Speed Inconsistent

Hi,I am experiencing a strange issue where my network speed seems to be dependant on load. I have 1GB from Virgin, with the hub in modem mode and Google WiFi and I am experiencing this both wired and wireless.If I am downloading something to my Steam...