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Slow Speeds

I seem to be having some speed related problems with my VM connection.I've rebooted the hub and gone through the usual diagnostics. (I'm a Comptia N+ qualified network engineer so hopefully we can skip the turned it off / on again conversation) Tests...

T3 Timeout, Sync Timing Failure and trips to 1970

For the past month I've had a steadily worsening connection. It went from solid to a few stutters and then hours of downtime multiple times a day with nothing changing at my side. After trying to get help or even just acknowledgement from the Twitter...

PaulR96 by Tuning in
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Why did I stay with Virgin & not move when I could

I foolishly decided to renew my contract with Virgin and did not go back to Sky when I could do...we have now had two instances in the last fortnight, firstly with no broadband and today (now) with decent download speeds but almost zero upload & a pa...

Pidge22 by On our wavelength
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really slow FTP transfer speeds on 1 Gb line

hi i have been having issues with FTP transfer speeds for a about 2-3 weeks now and its really getting frustratingi'm on the 1 GB package and internet speed test show a decent speedsbut the minute i try to download from my server seedbox based in the...

broadband wifi slow

my broadband slow i contact virgin media few times still slow every time i call is always off shore India Africa Philippine  they check is ok for 1 hours, then goes down, i strong fill verginmedia should stop using this country because sometime they ...

dom8 by Tuning in
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Broadband is frequently unusable

Our broadband connection from VM has deteriorated to the extent that we have frequent drop outs, when using voip or streaming (e.g watching iplayer) is not possible as the connection breaks up. We had hoped that this problem would clear up, but we ha...

W4 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Speed bonus

I have 100mb package then they give me a bonus to take me to 135mb as a thank you. Now I have been sent a email telling me I have been given an upgrade to 125 mb please restart your hub . What is going on ?

speed problems

I have just been upgraded to 360mb broadband ,(sa6) For the last 4 days the Internet speed up and down has been bismal, Im lucky if I get 100mb + down and 3mb up what's the problem now,I had to drop my Mobile account because of the terrible speed iss...


Virgin Wifi Pod problem

My Virgin Wifi pods are allowing me to access websites like YouTube at fast rates when I connect my computer to them via Ethernet, but I can't do a speed test or connect to smaller websites.

maaya88 by Joining in
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Router issues

I have been experiencing where for not obvious cause I lose internet. After some investigations I noticed that to restore internet I am forced to power off the router and then power it back on and it's becoming a joke, almost a daily occurrence.I att...

Logs1.png Logs2.png Logs3.png Upstream.png
Morrile2 by On our wavelength
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