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horrendous internet

Been having extremely poor broadband last 2 days https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality/share/8211951590792d7a5cb60d7717167a36d7f94cd2-19-08-2023Downstream bonded channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Ch...

semerson by Joining in
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Resolved! Does anyone listen these days?

 Does anyone listen these days? Sadly, in my recent experience, no. I am paying for Virgin 1GiG. Up to recently the broadband has been superb, with average speeds of 1140Mbps, and at one time 1900Mbps! But recently that has fallen to a mere 90Mbps. L...

almark by On our wavelength
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City Fibre Speed vs Virgin media 1gb speeds

  hi all I have virgin 1gb broadband, I get about 700 down and 50 upload.my freind has just had city fibre and Paying the same as me he is getting over 800 upload, why is virgin media upload speeds so poor?


Buggy e-mail after upgrading package? How long does it take?

Today I upgraded my package to add Sky, TNT and Viaplay and also the internet speed to 500. I received a couple e-mails, one confirming the new contract but another one which looked like a glitch: I'm really confused... did the order go through or no...

JJ1515 by Joining in
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No increase in upload speed

@John_GS I still haven't had the upload speed increase I was promised on the 2-Jun-23, in fact in the last few days it has dropped to 44Mbps!

tda2806 by Dialled in
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Cod dmz starts with stuttery loading into a game.

Hi I recently upgraded from 500mb to 1gb vm broadband, I am a gamer on the xbox whenever I play dmz on cod I load into a game and it is as if frames are loading on the screen one after another until the graphics fully load. For instance when I start ...

Bekko73 by Joining in
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Gig1 speeds very slow over ethernet

Hi there,I purchased virgin media gig1 internet around a month ago and the download speeds over ethernet have been pathetic. I am getting 90mbps on samknows realspeed. I contacted  customer support and they told me it's an issue with my device - this...

Why is service status lying to its customers

For the past few days I have noticed an issue with my home broadband and telephone line. SPEED TESTDL - 200 Mbps - 250 MbpsUL - 0.10Mbps or lower So as any normal person I would go to service-status- https://www.virginmedia.com/support/help/service-s...

Needing help

So been a vm customer for ages, have 3 x v6 box’s, connections via unmanaged switch mostly ethernetabout 6 months ago started to get tv picture break up and the broadband connection dropping out - not the Wi-Fi connection the whole broadband connecti...

biggm68 by Tuning in
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