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New customer, is fluctuating internet speed normal?

Just got Virgin Media installed today and the speeds are an increase over my last provider but I've noticed it's been a tad inconsistent, staying where it should be to about half the speed I should have.I know that some other networks have a 10 day b...

Resolved! Not Receiving full speed in Hub 5 2.5 Gb Port 4

I have 1 Gb internet speed and I want to take full advantage of my router, Hub 5. I connected a Cat 8 cable to port 4 but I still see a maximum of 1Gb transmit speed between my laptop and the router! I tried different laptops and different cables and...

alsyefs by Joining in
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Intermittent broadband

Hi,Over the last week my internet drops out for around 30 seconds at a time. Any help would be appreciated.3.0 Downstream channelsChannel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBm V) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID41630000007.439QAM256411390000008.138.6QAM25612147000...

jaydodz by Joining in
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Project Lightning and me

So have been enabled for full fibre and one provider is giving me full symmetric service on that.Feel like it's twilight days now with Virgin and another friend and neighbor and has already jumped over. Question is given Project Lightning what is the...

daryah by On our wavelength
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Free upgrade still in effect?

Folks,Does anyone know if the free upgrade to boost the upload speed from 52 to 104 is still available?I’m on the Gig 1 service and thought this would have been applied automatically when I upgraded in May / June timeframe.… how do I get this or have...

RLipscomb by On our wavelength
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Poor speed Service!

What is it with Virgin! They offer the earth and give nothing. Just over a week into a brand new service and the connection speed drops to sun 40mps when I’m charged for 250! Try and find support number to speak to a human - forget it! Why is it the ...

Willyboy by Joining in
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Volt Benefits not activated

Hi,I have signed up for both virgin media as well as O2 however my volt benefits have not been activated and it is past the 14 day window. Early this week I received an email from Virgin apologising for the delay for my volt and they would boost my I...

Evan92 by Joining in
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Longer Ping time compared to other ISP

I recently got VM and a Hub 5 using RFoG(Radio Frequency over Glass), the Coax run is 0.5m. An engineer came out to fix an Upstream critical error which was manifesting itself as dreadful upload speeds, that's now sorted. But my long ping times persi...

sacon14 by Joining in
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Not getting full 1Gbps speeds? READ THIS.

Hi all,Just wanted to share some experiences after recently upgrading to 1Gbps Virgin Media package. After getting the upgrade, I wanted to verify I was getting what I paid for and as such I went on a mission to try and observe download speeds near t...

SS31_0-1669332191490.png SS31_0-1669332329466.png SS31_0-1669331652002.png SS31_1-1669331696061.png
SS31 by Tuning in
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Intermittent and sporadic speeds

Dear insightful folks,again I am suffering from slow down on my system having not made any changes to my internal system.I was getting 1.9 gbps down and 52 up, now since Thursday I’m seeing 600 down and 52 up!My system is currently in router mode to ...

RLipscomb by On our wavelength
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