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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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Not getting near 1Gig

Just received and finished setting up my new Hub5 as part of being upgraded to the 1Gig planHowever, our speed seems to be highly erratic ranging from as low as 66MB/s to a high of 746MB/s (The average appears to be between 600 and 700Mb/s(The hub wa...

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Gatt by Joining in
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Major Speed difference on devices with and without vpn?

Newbie here so be nice plz? Got the 1gig package from vm and the speeds r all over the place . 1 test can show iPhone at 500mg then test again and its 80mg , that’s vpn off , vpn on (wire guard) its 45mg or slower .Firestick 4k max on Wi-Fi only achi...

WGas by Just joined
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Awful Latency Issues

I've never got the full service I pay for with Virgin Media but things have taken a turn for the worse.Over the last little while I have had terrible latency mainly in the evenings to the point where it's almost pointless having the internet.I've gon...


1gigabit router speed but not on devices

I've seen a couple of similar posts but not sure what the fix is.We recently had 1gb FTTP installed and it seemed fine to start with, but yesterday I noticed that I wasn't getting speeds of more than about 40mbps on wifi devices. I attributed this to...

Screenshot 2023-09-23 102449.png

New 1 Gb install - upload limited to ~85 Mbps

I had 1 Gb installed last week in an area new to VM. Regardless of whether in router or modem mode, upload very rarely moves past 85 Mbps. I've seen 90 Mbps occasion, but it's usually 75 -85 Mbps.Tests conducted with cat6 cable directly into the hub ...

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ChrisFD2 by On our wavelength
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Intermittent internet connection

Hey, wondering if anyone has any advice for this issue.- Internet can be fine for day/s or weeks at a time.- Internet can be terrible, disconnecting 100+ times a day.- Last Sunday, 51 total disconnects, 2 hours offline and 5 hours online across a 7 h...

Araleg by Joining in
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Resolved! Hitron Chita very slow

Hi,Just wanted to get some feedback / help on an issue my son is having in his student house he shares with 7 other people. They were advised to go with the small business option ‘Hitron Chita’ to give them the sort of speeds they’d need for phones, ...

Very slow upload speed

I'm on Volt M500 Fibre Broadband since Feb 23.Download speed is 540Mbps + ! (great)Upload speed when I first signed up was about 36Mbps. The I got an email in May saying my upload speed was being increased to 50Mbps. This lasted until July. Now my up...

Ethernet cable speed limit

Hi, I have a problem with the internet speed via CAT 6 cable . My package is m350. But my speed only reaches 100Mb/s. In the "Speed & Duplex" network card settings, I have 1.0 Gbps Full duplex set.The problem has been occurring for about a week, ever...

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mateo by Tuning in
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