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Speed help

Hi. I’ve just signed up to virgin and getting excellent speeds next to the hub.  So with all devices connected In total about 11 devices.  With me getting 800+ next to the router I know the speed is good even with all these connected meaning they can...

Bad upload speed

I got the 250mb package but the upload is way to slow running at 2mb I keep getting dropped from online games is this fixable 

Keyranu by Joining in
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broadband virgin media 350 speed test on wifi

Just installed my hub 3, 2 days ago. I have 2 pc,s on ethernet direct to hub, a receiver direct to hub, a laptop and 2 phones on wifi. Everything is running fine, but on testing the phones and laptop speed tests, the phones run at 367bpm but the lapt...

My upload speeds are trash

Hello,To be blunt my uploads are utter trash and that's being polite. As of lately uploading captures on the XBX used to be Whoosh and it is uploaded now it's crawling like a snail and so slow I can't upload anything at all. So I checked the upload s...

Hefeydd by Tuning in
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Resolved! Intermittent very slow broadband

I have a hub 4 in modem mode with an eero mesh system. One gig connection speed.All was fine until a couple of weeks ago. Broadband download has started slowing from its usual 1000 to less than 5, but not dropping all together. Upload remains unchang...

Smithsax by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Low speed issue: Ethernet cable, extender?

Hi everyone,A year ago or so my partner and I became Virgin Media broadband customers. While we went for a fairly strong speed (the advertised download speed is 362 Mbps), what reaches my home office upstairs is quite patchy.Some info...-------------...

Jrojomar by Tuning in
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Slow upload speed on gig1

Afternoon all over the last few weeks our broadband has had poor upload speed causing lag download seems good 800mbps on test but upload is low as 4 to 5 mbps  Anything wrong with our modem stats ?  Channel Overview Downstream UpstreamCable Modem Sta...

Valthos by Joining in
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Volt Speed Boost

Migrated to O2 May 23. My package says Volt Benefit Active . Speed boost to M250. I have never received this 40mbps at best. Ran all kit tests as suggested frequently, having issues with buffering

Chardy51 by Tuning in
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Wifi pod order

Very frustrating morning as it seems impossible to order wifi pods. I have the right package, ran the room tests with the Connect App, shows 3 rooms <10 but no way to order pods. Tried online help, waited over 1 hr for WhatsApp reply having already e...

Afd by Joining in
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High Ping in the BR1 area that started a few days ago.

Over the past few days my ping has started to get quite high. Usually it is around 10 or 11 and now it is over 50. Upload ping is sometimes between 200 and 1500. Also my upload speed is down to 15 and should be 104, i'm on a 1gig connection with a SH...

grove39 by Fibre optic
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