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Really slow upload speeds

Have tried contacting support but I'm not really getting alot of answers on that front unless its from a bot. On the M500 package and currently getting the below, amazing download but trash upload and it has been fluctuating from 6 to high 20's and a...


Slow broadband

For the past two days my 1 gig broadband sped has given 100 gig on wired computer and <10 gig on mobile Wi-Fi.  Waited for 45 minutes on 150.  Tried everything suggested, restarted hub, disconnected all equipment, even disconnected internet phone lin...

miket3 by On our wavelength
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Upload Speed unstable with no reason

Technical question: I just found out that on 3.1 upstream Channel, Power Is just 36. Isn't It low? On 3.0 channels it's 41-42 so it's fine. I have already rebooted by hub4 but found out that upload Speed Is not stable at 50+ as usual, but varies from...

Cesco by On our wavelength
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80mbs on 1GB package

Hi, Ive noticed a dramatic drop in speeds over the past few days. im on the 1GB package and running a speed test on a cabled device im only pulling off 90Mbps this has only started the past few days. I checked the routers Network log and there does s...

throttled upload speed

I am a live streamer and had the 350 package which i found my upload speed being erratic and my livestream kept lagging. called virgin media and they advised me to upgrade to the 1gb connection which i did and after a few days started to see the same...

Since installing Hub 5 Citrix freezes

my wife and I both use BYOD when we work from home and we connect to work via citrix workspace. since installing hub 5 Citrix freezes randomly within 5 seconds of connecting to a citrix environment. I have been diagnosing with our IT people and we ha...

Resolved! Never as promised - speed

Hello.. Year ago upgraded to 500Mbps. Internet speed never went up more than 226Mbps. Last week upgraded to 1000+ Mbps. Received new hub 5. Maximum speed reached 760Mbps last Saturday. Just for a while. Now not more than 240Mbps. Like 4 time less tha...

stasow by Tuning in
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Speed help

Hi. I’ve just signed up to virgin and getting excellent speeds next to the hub.  So with all devices connected In total about 11 devices.  With me getting 800+ next to the router I know the speed is good even with all these connected meaning they can...

Bad upload speed

I got the 250mb package but the upload is way to slow running at 2mb I keep getting dropped from online games is this fixable 

Keyranu by Joining in
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