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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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1gb line - Upload speed half of what it should be

Running some Ookla speed tests, my upload speed currently maxes out at around 25Mbps rather than the 50 that I'm paying for.The service status pages suggests an issue in my postcode area (SP10) but nothing else. Can a Virgin rep confirm that this may...

Internet cuts out after upgrade

I am just posting here in case anyone has a similar issue. This is a signal problem and affects the Virgin Cable TV as much as the internet. This has been happening ever since Virgin said that there was an "upgrade" to my service in september. I've n...

Screenshot_20230109_213731_Gmail.png 1aa2f6d185c65962dfaf9f2aad2c18fd3460eb05.png
mumblesh by On our wavelength
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Upgraded from 350 to 650 - Not seeing the Increase?

Upgraded a couple weeks ago to 650 from 350, not really seeing the benefits to be honest. Speedtest via WiFi on my iPhone 13 Pro right next to the router rarely get above 300mb. Same connected via Ethernet Cat6?on a super hub 3. Did a Sam knows test,...


Upgrade from 50mb to 125mb - still 50

Hi guys,upgraded from 50mb to 125 and I still on 50 mb. I've been trying to contact virgin since yesterday, but, anyway...is there something that I'm missing here? Nearly two days since my broadband upgrade and nothing happens.. Cheers 

MaxPow by Joining in
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Sam knows Real Speed not working H4

Does anyone know why Sam Knows Real Speed would suddenly stop working on my Hub 4 Router? Thanks in advance.Cheers, MD.

Speedie by On our wavelength
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Weak broadband

I purchased a new 1 gig contract just before Christmas but finding I’m getting a slower Internet than I had with sky, 2 engineers have now been out bringing a new router as I’m not getting continuous internet in my office upstairs which is affecting ...

rocky23 by Joining in
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Constant drop out

Hi. I've got a 350mb package which I've had for 5 years. I have suffered constant drop outs and never go a week without problems. I paid to have most items in the house connected by Ethernet and 2 x ubiquity routers fitted for Wi-Fi. Still the same p...

Intermittent (but serious) upstream issues

Hi All,Desperately struggling with intermittent upstream speed issues that make it impossible to work at home.  Service status checker first reports no issues with our connection, but when asking it to check further, it confirms there is a known issu...

upgrade to 1gig from 350 not good

upgraded from 350 ( 3 kids all XBOXing, downloading games , tv 4k streaming etc )I used to get a solid 350 but after upgrading i get anything from 400 to 550, it fluctuates so much its a different result each time within a minute it can be 550 then i...

sardine by Joining in
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Can anyone advise me if this BQM graph shows I have a problem ?

 Please can anyone who knows how to analyse a BQM have a look at my graph and advise if I have a problem ? I am in 1Gb but testing speeds just now max speed was 735Mbps . I think I'm having dropouts as Xbox X randomly crashes / kicks them off now and...

rstmart by On our wavelength
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