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Citrix Freezing/ Latency Issue

Hi,So I have recently starting working from home for a new company which uses Citrix as a kind of Remote Desktop. Whenever I try to log into Citrix it completely freezes and will not respond then occasionally throw up an error message stating “networ...


Resolved! Upload speed

Hi,I just got 1gig broadband but I still have the typical low upload speed of 8-10mbps on a wired connection.No faults in my area. 

Booster pod not received

I need a booster pod and was told by a staff member via the WhatsApp messenger service that one would be sent out to me on 28th August. I have not received it still so would appreciate advice. Thanks 

Jo_H16 by Joining in
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Is there a date for the increased upload speed?

So months ago now I got the email saying to turn the router off and on to get a new upload speed but it didn't work.An engineer was sent out and was told it's not been rolled out yet to my area but it will be very soon.Three months later and still no...

Blakey47 by On our wavelength
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New customer slow wifi and broadband M250

Hi team, I moved into a new flat on 2 September and installed the Hub 5 that was sent through. I have purchased the M250 package but speed tests indicate that I am getting download speeds of only up to 40 Mbps (far below even the minimum garunteed sp...

Resolved! Unifi USG 3P Download Speed

I recently upgraded my broadband to M600 but continued to get download speeds in and around 125Mbps.  I am running a Unifi Network with the VM hub connected directly into a Unifi USG 3P, which goes into a Unifi 24 port switch.  My wifi AP’s run off t...

p45_uk by Tuning in
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Broadband Speed

Just upgraded to Volt M600 Broadband and am only getting download speeds of between 125-150 Mbps.I have the virgin hub 3.0 in modem mode which is connected to my firewall, and is connected at 1Gbps. This connects into my switch at 1Gbps, and my PC is...

p45_uk by Tuning in
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DNS Initial Connection Issue

Hi,I am having sudden connection issues. I have a M350 line with superhub 5 router & emergency phone backup line.In the last week, I have noticed whenever I open a new browser window, it is taking up to a minute to begin loading the page. This is hap...

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 18.16.44.png
hm155155 by Joining in
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Hub 5 via TP Link VR2800 degraded download speeds

I've got my new Hub 5 on Volt 1Gig connected via the hub's 2.5gb port to my TP Link router in modem mode. The TP link's internal speed checker shows between 450-490mbps download (and usually around 90 upload, which is fine), which is much less than w...

Misold as Customer Service lack adequate technical knowledge.

I'm a bit frustrated. I'm currently on a volt 350mb package and since my router is on the brink and has a constant red light, I thought I'd upgrade to gig1 since I would be needing a new router anyway.I called on Monday and was reassured several time...

Trypta by On our wavelength
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