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Hub status data - understanding network log messages

N Warning: Long, dull, a bit technical. NHaving needed to repeat myself a few times, I thought I'd share my understanding of what you might find in a Hub 3's network log when things go wrong, and what it means.  First of all, this post is based on my...

Andrew-G by Alessandro Volta
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Does Virgin media use the new City fibre cabling that has been installed in my area or the old copper phone line?

Is this how it is now? Any excuse for avoidance?

Be aware of the contractual catches to avoid responsibility for faults reported to them, thus placing you in a 'no resolution' queue that leads nowhere/arbitration, because you are accused of disagreeing with them when discussing a way forward. It's ...

Stignasty2 by On our wavelength
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Internet Speed

Hi,Just taken delivery of a Hub 5, with 1000+mbps.Things are working fine, it's just when I do an online 'internet speed test', I get a result of around 300mbps.The equipment isn't the issue; latest iPad Air (months old), top end Dell, Samsung S20 5G...

Smokey-Joe by On our wavelength
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Hard wired speeds

If my pc is hardwired via the Virgin Media WiFi extenders Ethernet port, will the speed be lower than stated fastest speed, I am currently getting just over 100mbps hard wired via WiFi extender Ethernet connection and over 200mbps with WiFi near the ...

jc8ond by Joining in
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100% packet loss for over 12 hours, area 14

Hey,Anyone know what's happening in Area 14?  I've had significant loss and Virgin Media reports no issues.https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality/share/5250471e43496d2acf8455725964d60d9c71108cI've been through every diagnostic.  ...

Broadband disconnecting daily

Hello My broadband disconnects and speed drops every day I reboot more than once a day , It also will not connect to sky q can anyone help please?

Possible packet loss - Any ideas?

Recently been having a lot of packet loss, no idea how to see what's causing it, this is all over a wired ethernet connection. Anyone can check over this and see if everythings working how it should? - Not sure what other info is required so if anyth...


No Internet not resolving complaints

So here goes with the issue, virgin, it's totally virgin.. we have been having speed issues for around two months now. First engineer couldn't find anything but second found the light was too bright (can't have been in the call centre) so needed a ne...

RFAV25 by Joining in
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Resolved! logged in to hub 3 what Mbps should I see

I have virgin  M200; Logged in the Speed Mbps column is 457.03 for my phone 761.71 for my iPad with similar high numbers for wife's iPad and phone my computer Ethernet connected shows 1000 numberWhat do these numbers represent, They surely cannot be ...

frnterer by Joining in
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