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Resolved! D/load speed

I changed to 1 gig from 130mbps since my bill was goin up to 48 an I was promised the speed would never go under 500meg. I can't even get that unless it's on my console an wired.i also had to use mobile data in my room till they sent out a pod for th...

Wont help me with bad speed and won't let me cancel without large fee

I'm geting awful signal from my Internet virgin phoned everday saying there are problems in my area and will b fixed in 24 hrs and rang ever day for a week and it didn't and we wanted a technician out and was gonna charge me for that which I think is...

Kevin32 by Joining in
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Wrong speed assigned

Signed up for new contract after old one expired with virgin. Was promised their 1gb but when I check in my app they have only given me 500 ! I was on 200, what do I do?

New customer, is fluctuating internet speed normal?

Just got Virgin Media installed today and the speeds are an increase over my last provider but I've noticed it's been a tad inconsistent, staying where it should be to about half the speed I should have.I know that some other networks have a 10 day b...

efrain86 by Joining in
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Upgraded from M250 to M500 but speed has not increased

I upgraded from 250mbps to 500mbps on Tue 31/01/2023 but still getting the same speeds today (Tue 02/02/2023). https://samknows.com/realspeed/ gives "Router" speed of 274mbps.I've checked the downstream "Max Traffic Rate" which is 287500061 (287mb). ...

jwt95 by Joining in
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Gig1 package questions

Hi,When will the Gig1 package get an uplift in its upload speed?When will Gig1 package customers be able to get an Hub5?Answers to these questions will help decide after 3 years of using the service, whether to move to the competition with higher upl...

gonnella by On our wavelength
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