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Resolved! Weird distribution cable

Hello all, I just moved to a new home and carried over my Virgin connection. From the outside of the house I can see the distribution cable running from a mast, over my roof and into the wall. However,  the end of the cable looks nothing like a coax ...

2024-02-2817.43.102792408046304370182.jpg 2024-02-2817.43.578570041488035417797.jpg
oldshoe_ by Joining in
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Resolved! Gone away form received

Hello,Instead of me receiving an email about the update on my upcoming router today, I’ve been emailed that a ‘Gone Away’ form has been received and would be reviewed in 48 hours.This is not me and would like to receive my internet so I can work.Than...

Removal of Virgin box from driveway

I have recently purchased a property where there is a large box of cabling outside, which I'm informed belongs to Virgin. It blocks our driveway meaning we are unable to park on there. Please can you advise of how I can go about getting this removed ...

sj_sldn by Joining in
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