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Cancel my order

I just ordered a broadband from virgin media but I wish to cancel my order. Can't find information of who to contact to cancel. Any advice, most welcome, thanks.My order number is CH2022431090, order date: 17/09/2022

External junction box

The brown junction box on the outside of my house has had the lid dislocated, I have tried to refit it but I think after 20 plus years out there it has just about had it. Can it be replaced as I am concerned about having the wiring open to the elemen...

Mikea2 by Joining in
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Can't see my installation date

Today is the day of my installation, I've recieved a call from Virgin on a 0161 that I missed and the voicemail said a technician is going to be late and will arrive from 6 - 6.30, I have then checked the website to see if anything has changed on the...

SG92 by Joining in
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Resolved! Advice on wiring and set-up

Afternoon All - Will try and keep this as brief as possible but likely to get long winded and apologies if any of the questions appear dumb!I am looking to switch from Sky (TV) and BT (Phone and broadband). The Ultimate Volt package gives me everythi...

stevieH1 by On our wavelength
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External Cable Cut

Hi there, my external cable has been accidentally cut and I have booked an engineer visit under service failure. Do I need to let Virgin know it’s a cable repair or specialist? or can a standard service failure visit engineer repair? many thanks! 

rjfroud by Joining in
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No internet after engineer visit

I have had intermittent problems with my internet for many weeks (the internet would go off for hours at a time), and yesterday had an engineer round to try to fix the issue.  After his visit, I now have no internet at all.  I called 150 and received...

VM + TP-Link Deco X20 AX1800 Query

Hi all Hope it’s ok to revive this thread instead of starting a new one. I have taken the leap and signed up to Virgin after being with BT for a very long time. The max speed we can get with BT is 40mb and with a demanding household it’s just not eno...