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Resolved! Additional Line in Annexe

Hi, We currently have Virgin Media Broadband in our main property. We are building an Annexe on the same land.We need another line to go to the new annexe with a hub etc. which will likely need the engineer to dig under the driveway.Do i need to pay ...

souch13 by Joining in
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Box installed without permission

Hi Virgin I'm hoping someone from the company is reading this as I can't seem to speak to anyone as I don't have an account. Please can you explain why we have had a brown box installed to the side of our house whilst we've been on holiday without th...

Outside cable damage

Hello, I hope one of the engenier will find my question. My outside cover box fall apart, the cable looks like damaged.  Seems like some animal chewed it. Is any chance to replace it, sometimes I lose signal. Thank you. 

Hajni by Joining in
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Resolved! Orange light on Hub

Hi,I've just signed up to Virgin Media and installed the Hub and 360 box. The problem I've got is the Hub light has never gone a solid white. It's orange. I tried to install the 360 box onto the TV anyway but it wouldn't recognise the ethernet connec...

Resolved! Brown box broken

Hi there,I am not currently a virgin media customer but have recently moved into a new house and the brown external virgin media box is broken with wires exposed. Worried for children/pets etc being exposed to this.Can a replacement be arranged?Thank...

R123 by Tuning in
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Can't register hub on app

Hello. I have received my hub 3 today and have successfully set it up. The WiFi is working well however I can't link the virgin connect app to my hub. Whenever I try to do so, it asks me to install my hub. When I do, it says the installation failed (...

Kakili by Joining in
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Setting up router

Recently I got my router, when I tried to set it up I couldn’t get the coaxial cable to fit into the socket, tried contacting Virgin but no luck getting through. My question is are any of these sockets or cables the correct ones for setting up my rou...

E267BC99-155C-422E-AB13-39ABCEA476CD.jpeg 382E0619-81F9-4011-8892-78897DE88BDF.jpeg 6E28B897-38CC-4590-8B42-E36C11CC8959.jpeg
Kubasa03 by Joining in
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Hub 3 Solid Red Light

Ive had a Hub 3 router for some time now and Virgin have offered to increase my speed several time, some which i have agreed to, but now I had a solid red power light, tried to turn it off for several minutes then back on, the wifi and other lights f...

Relocate Cable

Hi, due to building works around the house, we have been forced to move tv, is it possible to request a new white cable from house entry to Vbox with a length of 20 meters please.  [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Nige1201 by Joining in
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