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Hub 5 problem - light going out

Good morningI have a Hub 5, working fine until last night.I have been using it in modem mode - with fixed white light on the Hub itself.However, began having connection problems yesterday and thorugh to today - intermittently I am losing broadband se...

jones79 by On our wavelength
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Who is the contact for complaints?

Who is the contact for complaints?   I was sold an excellent package deal with virgin broadband and phone contract on 15th December. Sadly virgin have not upheld there end of the deal and it is a complete shambles.    It is now 25th January and not w...

Rachb499 by Joining in
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New Home New Customer

I will be moving to a new home in the next week or so and having shopped around a bit I've decided to go with Virgin internet. When I go through the process of arranging this the website says I'm eligible for self set-up, which I'm assuming means all...

Oberto by Joining in
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CONNECTME to 80011, no call back

Hi, I just moved into a new home and found a router of virgin media already here. There is an instruction said I can text to 80011 and then someone will call back for setting up the internet. I've tried 4 times but so far no one call me. I'm really c...

Wall socket connection

 Hi There,Am engineer came to connect my broadband but he didn’t install a Virgin wall socket box, there was an old box but was damaged by previous owner, but the engineer didn’t replace the socket and i paid for installation is it correct??Picture a...

Kimloan by Joining in
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Drop Cable Repair

Hi, after a month or so of intermittent broadband connection that has finally broken altogether, a technician visit (following a couple of appointments cancelled because VM said the problem was a network issue that was resolved when it was not), I ha...

Engineer no show; no contact

Rang to cancel my virgin contract on Monday as paying nearly £100 per month for very poor broadband/Internet experience. After several attempts to connect to anyone, I was eventually offered an engineer visit  between 4pm to 7pm tonight to investigat...