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New Hub 3 box - Installation

Hello, we moved into our home last week. Virgin Hub 3 arrived today. We have tried to set it up with no luck. The light has been flashing green for hours.our yellow cable and white cable sockets are in different rooms. So we have only plugged in the ...

Zo1 by Joining in
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Router sticker unreadable!

So just got my Hub 5 router, and this is the lacklustre sticker on the bottom: What's wrong you wonder... take a close look at the Hub Settings password, and you'll see the printing has deliberately been made to cut-through the last character of the ...

IMG_0856 copy 2.jpg
jimthing by Superfast
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Resolved! Broadband cable for 1GB ? / Hubs

Hi,Sorry if these have been asked before, but I have 2 quick questions.1. I had Virgin Media installed at my house in 2015, Broadband, TV and home phone. A cable comes from a junction point buried in the pavement outside my house, down the side of th...

Resolved! What's This? (cable)

Can someone please explain to me what this is and what it's purpose is?It was fitted for no apparent reason about 3yrs ago when my internet randomly stopped working one day. Engineer arrived and instead or simply re-connecting the cable directly to t...

yoksnod by Tuning in
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Resolved! VM wall socket

  Hi, There's this socket in my new flat, does it mean VM broadband installation will be easy? Does this mean VM is already internally wired for broadband? 

gaxd by Joining in
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Decent deal?

Been on a discount forever which was £71 with 250mbps, Maxit tv plus Sky Sports + BT Sports plus landline. Got a letter saying it was going up to £131 on the 20th August. Rang up to cancel and got offered to keep the same package for £82pm. I didn’t ...

Resolved! Return or Recycle?

Hub 2.New Hub 3 packaging states need to return Hub 2. But due to its age I'd doubt that.Also, read on this forum back in Feb 22 there was already a thread where a Virgin team member stated the return of Hub 2 was not required. Hoped to get a straigh...

yoksnod by Tuning in
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Help with rewiring house for Virgin

I’m having my house rewired so wanted to run coaxial cables in case I decide to get Virgin TV/broadband in the future (I have the official RG6 cables to do this). The brown box will likely get fitted at the front of the house on the ground floor, and...