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Resolved! App problem

I just tried to sign into the app but it's not recognising me, I got virgin broadband installed this morning and have account number and area code but not received a welcome e mail yet. Does it take a few days?

wall socket

i just recently moved and there’s a virgin box in my house but i cant seem to connect the wire to anywhere in the wall as they are the same size. is there something missing that’s supposed to connect them?

Resolved! Installation Issue

Hi, I've just recently moved to a new place and taken my broadband package with me, but cannot install my hub as I don't have an inside wall socket, just a wire hanging out of the wall. 

Re-installation after building work

I moved out of the house whist some building work has taken place and am now moving back in.  The outside box is no longer fixed to the wall but is lying next to the house, and the cable that runs from the box into the house is disconnected and lying...

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Move hub

I want to book an engineer to move my hub to another room, have tried the website but this takes me round in circles any suggestions?would rather not chat with the bot