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Router issues

I was onto support over a week ago as broadband disconnected around 22.00 pm I waited till the following morning the 22nd April to phone and complain as it was still off at 9am.finally got through to another team helper he ran the usual test router r...

theghost by Tuning in
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Blueyonder email question

Speaking to Virgin customer service a few days ago, I was told that they were cutting the blueyonder email and that it would no longer work, but she couldn't give me a time frame for this. Does anyone here know? My wife and my father-in-law both have...

dupleg0 by Joining in
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Info tab

Hi all new here. Anyway we just had our 1gig package installed and on the back of the router there was a removable tab that had a qr code and details of the router name and password. The thing is when the engineer had finished they didn’t put the tab...

Bilkido by Joining in
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External brown box cover

Hello, I am not a VM customer but I have an external brown box on the wall of my new build home.I notice the cover has come off and is nowhere to be seen. The wiring is now exposed. I would like to get the cover replaced so any help / advice would be...

Activation fee

Hi I recently talked with virgin media and want to install 132 mbps 26£ per month package but they are saying me to pay 35£ activation fee and their websites says no upfront cost no fees for first time customer. Their website says we can select self ...

Saroj by Joining in
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complaint - broadband installation

we can use some suggestion here regarding the broadband installation. contract signed on 9th Feb 24 with agreed installation date: 11th April. no one turned up on the day, call the number: 0345 454 1111. after 40 mins of investigation, we were advise...

jzbrent by Joining in
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