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Virgin 360 pair with Toshiba TV

HiI have just joined Virgin and I am trying to pair my 360 box remote to control the volume on my Toshiba TV. My TV is 3 years old and is an up to date smart TV but I can’t get it to pair. I have gone through all the codes and tried entering the TV m...

Sky sports not showing on mini box

My new mini box is not allowing all channels in the subscription to be watched. With some of the sky sports channels, I am receiving the message;"We're currently setting up your channel and they should be available soon. if this problem continues.......

JoeVM by Tuning in
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360 not able to pause or rewind and also will not record

HelloAny help with the following issue would be very much appreciated, I have tried VM support on 3 occasions but they seem unable to help apart from reading off their default onscreen instructions.My 360 TV will not pause or rewind, it also won’t re...

70sven by Joining in
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Connection issues

For the last few days my box won’t connect.I have to unplug all my connections and reconnect several times, before the broadband kicks in and I can then watch TV. This can take upwards of 90 minutes or more. Furthermore I can’t record anything, as I ...

BBRIFLCL by Tuning in
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Coax not in bedroom 😬

Hi,I've recently received a 360 mini box to enable multiroom (so I can watch footy in peace!). Upon install I realised the mini box needs a connected coax, just like the main box.I assumed it would just run on WiFi and connect to the main box, as the...

JoeVM by Tuning in
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Resolved! TV box location

I am trying to organise Virgin Cable for my elderly mother who is moving.  I am being fed about 20 different scenarios by the telephone/chat people, all of whom are saying different things.  She is moving to a property which already has Virgin, but t...

sambda1 by Tuning in
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Frequent need to factory reset

Every so often the box slows down to a crawl. This time Recordings took an eternity to appear in the menu. A factory reset fixed it but requires me to log into all my services again which is a PITA. Is this just me or does everyone have the same issu...

Pairing 360 remote to new LG tv

I have just changed my tv to a LG OLED5C2" model.When trying to setup 360 remote to pair with new tv. 360s tell me I have a match and tv volume controls show when I press volume on screen and sound increase or decreases successfully. I press on scree...

mwb2205 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Accessible Remote Control

Hello Paulina, Could you please tell me if there's a high contrast remote for the TV360 box? My partner has some sight loss and is struggling with the small remote control supplied with the box. Thank you, Best Regards, Chris S.

Virgin 360 Ethernet Connection?

I've just upgraded my existing boxes to 360. Neither box is anywhere near the wi-fi hub. I have managed to connect one box by using a BT Mesh Wi-Fi extender and plugging in an ethernet cable into that. The other box is in a room with no Wi-Fi signal ...

Owdmon by Tuning in
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