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Remote volume up button not working on Samsung tv

The volume up button is intermittently not working after pairing on my Samsung TV. Occasionally it will work. Sometimes one press of the up button will increase the volume by 20 or 30 instantly. All other buttons work fine. 

Dchurch by Tuning in
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Resolved! Help with amber light stuck on media box

For past few weeks the media box has been playing up getting stuck on certain pages having to reboot router and Media box to access virgin channels - now the media box is stuck on an amber start up colour and cannot access any virgin channels only ap...

Do Virgin Media care about TV anymore?

I’ve had Virgin Media TV since the days of Telewest Active Digital and loved it. But Virgins bitrate over the last couple years are going lower and lower (started when they switched to MPEG4) - I have Sky and Virgin (since you can’t have two main Sky...

Sky Movies UHD

HiI have Sky Sports and Cinema Ultra HD but having problems with Dolby Atmos.It appears that the Dolby Atmos works OK on the Sports UHD channels but cannot get Dolby Atmos to work at all on any Sky Cinema UHD channels.Could anyone please confirm I ha...

PiiWii by Joining in
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Resolved! Virgin 360 channel list too small

I too have this issue. The tv guide with logos is too small. The enlarged guide is not helpful as it does not allow you to see a whole page of channel numbers in a column, and the voiceover guide is unhelpful. I want to have the channels listed as th...

billip1 by Joining in
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Flickering black screen

Hi,  Did you get any solutions for the flickering issue? Everytime I turn my TV on, it flickers. The only way to stop it is to turn the tv off and then on again. Doesnt happen on anything else, just virgin. Tried all the HDMI ports and it happens on ...

ben_cos by Joining in
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True Detective 1-3

Why on earth is this only available on showcase and not showcase hd, its so infuriating, its the same for every show really if you dont record shows when they air you have to watch on demand in sd which is urine!make it HD for gods sake.Rant over 

IainC86 by On our wavelength
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Syncing Issues on Catch up TV

Whenever I play a show via the search and catchup tv, the whole show is out of sync. The voice is ahead of the picture and it can be extremely annoying. This happened with the last update. The update before that, had an issue with the syncing of the ...

ayshad by Joining in
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Streaming channels cause virgin box to freeze and crash.

Hi,Whenever anybody switches to, or channel hops past, any off the streaming channels on my virgin box it causes the box to freeze, reboot and on at least 2 occasions reset itself. This is irritating in itself but it has caused my to loose a lot of s...

Resolved! new 360 box apps freezing or not available due to boot error

When the box boots up it gives a quick warning message "some apps not available due to a boot error" in fact the only app I can get to work is Netflix. We are now paying for Paramount+ but cannot watch it as it says not available. Channel 4 and 5 sam...

Sprool by Tuning in
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