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TV360 Black Screen

I’ve just moved to TV360 from V6 and the box looks like it automatically upgraded after 5 days. The new control talks to the old V6 box but I just get a black screen on the TV, no picture or sound. The TV recognises that it’s getting a signal but the...

Jon_W by On our wavelength
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360 Box ARC problem

Anybody know of issues with 360 box not supporting ARC? I’ve a Samsung QLED and a Samsung Soundbar, my issue is my 360 box disconnects the ARC off my sound bar, I’ve done everything correctly, I’m clued up on my stuff but this has really annoyed me, ...

SajH by Joining in
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360 box on way out?

Our living room box is starting to misbehave. It’s recently failed to record planned shows, then Netflix wouldn’t work, now this evening all our planned recordings for that box have vanished. Recordings already on the disk can be viewed. Any advice? ...

SMaster by On our wavelength
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V6 TV box

Lately when using the remote on a TV boxWhen accessing recorded programs the icons are Greyed out then takes about 20 seconds to appear in colourRemote becomes unresponsive at times I have turned both modems off and restarted the TV boxThe TV box sta...

Virgin TV

Virgin TV has been out in my area for 10 days. The site says it would have been fixed by today. When will it be fixed and will I get a refund for all the tv - including the subscriptions I pay for the period it has been unavailable 

Do some Virgin Store Movies not have sub-titles?

I rented Oppenheimer from Virgin Store Movies. Much of the dialogue is half-mumbled, but I was unable to get sub-titles. I could turn them on via Remote>Home>Accessibility>Sub-titles so that they appeared on (eg) BBC 1, but there were no sub-titles f...

nevwg by On our wavelength
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TV Essentials

I've been offered (after cancelling) a renewal package that includes my existing Virgin  TV 360 box, M250 Fibre broadband, Line rental and weekend chatter but a DOWNGRADE to TV Essentials. Nowhere on the website or via the links in the offer email do...

Andyb28 by Joining in
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DRM failed (Digital Rights Management) CH4 on-demand

Like a few others I'm getting the DRM failed 4200 with Ch4 On-demandVM engineer fitted a new HDMI cable but admitted he had never seen this error before resetting the box does not fix the issue and other On-demand channels work ok.Any ideas? 

360 box massive backwards step

After renewing my contract with Virgin just negotiated on price the day as I was going on holiday, just a renewal not an upgrade with my 2 x V6 boxes. Arriving back from holiday a 360 remote had arrived, on opening the box it says 5 days after receiv...

Lee_1 by Joining in
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