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Can't delete recordings in 369 box

Got 93% full recordings on 360 box so want to start deleting. Go to delete recording then confirm bit still there. Also tried the bin icon on the right. Stops being highlighted but then comes back. Any help anyone?

WeeClare by Up to speed
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CS2004 Error

Got my VM package in February and since then some channels don’t work; they get the CS2004 error.I’ve tried unplugging everything and have gone through the main support options on the website and nothing seems to work.Any idea what could fix this? I’...

Astruix by Tuning in
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Netflix - Cant activate service that comes with package

I signed up for a VOLT package back in january. I see it comes with a free netflix subscription. However when i go on my account and try to activate the service all i get is errors. Same when I try to do it via the TV. I Have tried to get this on and...

DavComm by Joining in
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New tivo box

I have just changed my tivo box which I loved to the new version, which I hate.  I can't recover deleted shows, and the show format is awful.  Some programmes are cut off before the end and can't set up series links as before.The package I was on was...

Tv 360 app issue

Issue with tv 360 every other day I have to reset the tv box switch off wait 30 seconds switch back on only solves issue for a day, this is due  to  the app home sceen  greying out apps then fail to open i have also notice at the same time the colour...

Nelio by Joining in
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Sky Kids and Maxit TV

In the updated channel guide in the Maxit column Sky Kids has a tick however on my box it’s still greyed out and I’m on Maxit why is this?

360 mini aerial connection

HiRecently upgraded package and now have a Mini 360 box which was going to use in a spare room. There is a virgin connection on the wall (which we have never used since moving in) so did the self installation option as assumed it would be pretty simp...

Jess2020 by Joining in
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All recordings and links have been romoved.

All my recordings and series links have been removed today. I thought the new channel numbers would not affect my current set up - or so said the email message I received on June 27. I cannot find the 'My Shows' accessibility recover recently deleted...

wokelly by On our wavelength
  • 9 replies
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Slow remote and box hanging

Hiin the past few weeks 4 times the box has stopped responding and I’ve had to power off, wait 20 secs and power back on.  The other problem I’m having is an extremely slow remote, happens in Disney, Netflix and YouTube.I move up, right or down to th...

HobGoblyn by On our wavelength
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TV 360 Box intermittent sound and blue screen (no picture)

Today our main TV 360 box is playing up, sound goes on and off every few seconds and there is a totally blue screen which also goes on and off with sound at same intervals Tried the usual, checked cables and connections, rebooted the box many times, ...

Mark_P2 by Tuning in
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